We hope to make some kind of dent in our infinite book lists this summer by embarking on this book/blogging project. A little bit about us:

Ezra: I am a rising second-year at the University of Chicago. I happen to always end up with piles and piles of books which I don’t manage to read during the school-year. So this is my attempt at solving the problem before school starts again in the fall.

Chana: I am a rising third year math major at the University of Chicago, and like any good nerd, I like to read. Unfortunately, UChicago doesn’t allow a whole lot of time for pleasure reading during the school year, so I am left every summer with an interminable book list which seems to only get longer as I go through it. So when Ezra, the maniac, suggested we read a book a day this summer, it seemed like a brilliant, if insane, way to get through at least some of the list.

Hopefully the project will last for about two months, although we do have some time constraints. For example, Chana is going to Israel on August 23rd, and both of us start school again in late September. For now, though, here we are.



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