The Pixar Touch: The Making of a Company

Author: David A. Price
Published: 2008
Website: Amazon page Cars 2 is coming out today, I thought it would be a perfect time to read David Price’s carefully researched history of Pixar. Everyone has heard the vague story of Steve Jobs starting Apple in his garage and turning it into the behemoth it is now, but Pixar’s creation was entirely defined by a small group of people who no one had (or has) ever heard of (the one exception being John Lasseter, who directed several of Pixar’s best films). The Pixar Touch centers on the founding of Pixar and its subsequent struggles with the huge companies around it, which ranged from fights with General Motors to a love-hate relationship with Disney to almost being bought by Xerox and Microsoft. I learned several new facts about one of my favorite companies, including the tidbit that Pixar grew up under the tutelage of George Lucas of Lucasfilm, but the only actually fascinating parts of The Pixar Touch discuss the creation of Woody, Buzz, Nemo, the Pixar lamp, and numerous other characters who each managed to change completely during the research and development stage of Pixar’s movie-production process. Even though the book is very workmanlike in its exposition of all the facts surrounding Pixar’s existence, the book’s tale of a quality-company which works hard until its quality pays off is heartwarming (especially given the number of Pixar characters who accomplish a similar journey).

There is very little to criticize about a book made up entirely of carefully cited facts, and all I can really do is recommend The Pixar Touch to anyone who is either interested in the haphazard ways in which companies are born or in the luck which surrounds the creation of movies and the plots and storielines within. Oh, and go see Cars 2!!!


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