Pigs Have Wings

Author: P. G. Wodehouse
Published: 1952
Website: Wikipedia Page

http://blogs.seattleweekly.com/dailyweekly/2010/02/ninth_circuit_throws_judge_joh.phpPigs Have Wings, as is true of the several P. G. Wodehouse novels I have read, was hilarious. Wodehouse is probably best known for creating the butler Jeeves: a feature of many books and short stories and also the butler from askjeeves.com (a currently defunct but previously quite popular search engine). Pigs Have Wings revolves around Blandings Castle, where the reticent Clarence, Earl of Emsworth, who is only capable of being animated when discussing the income tax and pigs, constantly feuds with the wonderfully named Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe who lives in the castle next-door. As should be obvious from the title, the two actual protagonists are the Empress of Blandings and the Queen of Matchingham, pigs who are set to square off in the pig-weighing contest of the decade. Many emotion-shapes including love-triangles and love-quadrangles as well as a marriage-triangle and a hate-pentagon abound as a multitude of aunts, nieces, wards, penniless authors, and wealthy drunkards spend varying amounts of time in Blandings Castle; and Wodehouse uses each of these characters to further the performance of devious plans surrounding the sabotage of the pig-weighing contest.

Although the plot is interesting enough on its own, the character’s names add yet another round of laughs to the marvelous tale. Charles Dickens’ Pumblechook, Uriah Heep, and Smike make him the master of designating names to characters in ways which coincide with their attributes, but Wodehouse’s Cyril Wellbeloved and Orlo Vosper are just a few examples of the author’s penchant for misnomered names; which make the comedy even funnier as small details about each person become known to the reader. Pigs Have Wings is absurd in the best sense of the word as lords, earls, and drunkards act out a carefully staged yet solemnly slapstick rotation of nefarious acts, and so, thankfully, Pigs Have Wings was a great end to an amazingly rainy day.


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